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Nothing can make us happier during the whole year than having a sun-kissed tan. Solariums, also known as sunbeds or tanning booths are a good way to achieve amazing tan for short time. A solarium is a device emitting ultraviolet rays used to produce a cosmetic tan. They emit a UV ray that is somewhat similar to the sun. The users lie down on a UV bed or stand in front of a panel over their skin.

Solariums are often advertised as a way to “pre-tan” for the summer, protecting your skin from burning in the sun. They not only help us to maintain an all-year-round tan, but also cure some diseases and correct the appearance of the skin. Recent studies shown that the solarium tanning is less damaging than the sun tanning, although safe sunbathing doesn’t exist.

Solariums are appropriate for every skin types, except those with hypersensitive skin. The proportion between the UVA and UVB rays is balanced which reduce the risk of damage to a minimum. The maximum exposure time is usually from 5 to 20 minutes. The buttons inside the cabin allow you to correct the power, to control the ventilators and even to listen your favorite songs.


What are the benefits of solarium tanning?

  • The exposure to UV light leads to production of vitamin D in the skin
  • Solarium tanning help acne by drying out the skin
  • Your skin cannot burn
  • Solarium creates a continent amount of UV in a given time
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Shorten the time of sunbathing
  • Speed up the process of skin getting brown