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Pregnancy Exercises

Exercise during pregnancy should be an integral part of daily life. Regular exercise is performed some negative effects of pregnancy protects the body. More importantly, provides mental and psychological comfort.

Weight increases, as the mother herself and swollen belly grows heavy, bulky, unprepossessing, and feels uneasy. Loses mobility, or double for a walk begins. the  self  confıdence humpback loses.

Exercise is an important psychological support tool.
4. months until the end of confinement without difficulty by starting regular physical exercise significantly increases the power.
Exercise that feels much better pregnant herself. Much more hopeful and positive approach to child. In the stress-life babies through pregnancy, mothers are psychological aspect is more rugged.

Regular exercise and diet provides much more comfortable and healthy through pregnancy.

Exercise during pregnancy and confinement in the self-confidence support mother
Which significant changes in the body during pregnancy:
Pregnancy progresses


Pregnancy Exercises
Pregnancy Exercises
Pregnancy Exercises
Pregnancy Exercises
Pregnancy Exercises